Golf Courses

Whether it’s to add challenge, buffer outside sounds, improve storage or enhance aesthetics, water features, artfully done by California Waters, can make a golf course unforgettable.

The secret to making a golf course unforgettable? Just add a water feature.

California Waters has built an industry-wide reputation as a leader in designing, building and servicing golf course water features because of our attention to detail – no matter the size or how complicated the water feature.

A golf course water feature can include lakes (with or without fountains), streams, ponds, waterfalls, and creeks, and serves many beneficial purposes such as golfer challenge, course beauty enhancement, sound (calming effect, as well as a buffer from traffic noise, machinery and other golfers), and water storage for irrigation.

We are trained and experienced golf course aquatic designers, engineers, builders, and service technicians who understand the unique water feature needs of a golf course.

For existing waterscapes we offer renovation services which can include operational costs savings by installing energy-efficient electrical/plumbing technology and equipment.

To maintain the water features on your golf course and grounds, we also offer regularly scheduled maintenance programs, ongoing or one-time repairs, leak detection, and 7-day/24-hour emergency service for our customers.

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A sample of golf course projects:

    Overall course design & use (the routing or layout of the golf holes)
    Location, elevation, & visibility for maximum impact

Water availability


Recirculation systems

Irrigation feed systems

Ground water systems

Regular maintenance