Blending the creativeness of architectural design with the fundamental science of structural engineering is the guiding philosophy and practice that drives each and every one of our projects.

At California Waters, we believe skilled water feature engineering requires a special understanding of how to blend the creativeness of architectural design with the fundamental science of structural engineering. This philosophy and practice is what drives each and every one of our projects, from devising full engineer plans, to applying engineering principals to the mechanical, hydraulic, plumbing, and electrical elements of a project.

California Waters offers in-house engineering, and value engineering, services for simple to complicated projects of all sizes, in all markets. Through strategic planning and attention to detail, we minimize RFI’s and focus on the development of water flow and movement, electrical and plumbing, on-site construction, finishing, and the start-up of the feature.

With extended research, expert negotiating, great relationships with our vendors, and detailed cost estimating, we get the best pricing on all aspects of your project, and maximize your budget’s benefits.

Whether you need water feature design/engineering services, or complete 360-degree design, engineering, construction, repair, renovation, and maintenance support, California Waters is a partner you can count on.

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A sample of California Waters’ engineering services include:

  • Pool & water feature plans
  • Piping diagrams
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Details
  • Equipment space layouts
  • Piping penetrations
  • Lighting layouts
  • Panel board layouts
  • Wiring diagram

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