Interactive Splash Pads

What’s more fun than splashing around? Kids of all ages have a unique attraction to interacting with water for entertainment. Let California Waters bring out your inner kid with our engaging and delightful splash pads.

Interacting with water for entertainment, especially enjoying the fun of frolicking in a splash pad, continues to grow in popularity. Today, you will see splash pads in city playgrounds, apartment complexes, water parks, RV centers, and shopping malls.

Typically, a splash pad consists of ground nozzles that spray water upwards from out of the splash pad’s underground raindeck. However, additional splash pad features may be a rainbow (semicircular pipe shower), a mushroom shower, or a tree shower, as well as movable nozzles to allow users to spray each other.

The ideas for a splash pad area are limitless, yet the actual production to make a vision a reality takes the advanced specialized skills that California Waters offers.

Our experienced in-house team knows how to design an innovative, fun, and safe feature, obtain all the required health, safety, and city code permits, and fully understands the intricate details of designing, engineering, constructing, installing, maintaining, and repairing all types of splash pad water features.

“For PPSI, Margarita Park was our first splash pad project and of course a complicated one, but the final product has exceeded everyone’s expectation.  I’m glad that we had California Waters on our team.  Your expertise really paid off in getting this project done successfully, given its level of complexity and we hope to be able to work with California Waters from the early stages, once we get another opportunity like this one.”

Ali Bermanian, President, Pacific Play Systems Inc.

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A sample of California Waters’ splash pad features:

  • Upward water spray, rainbow (semicircular pipe shower), mushroom shower, tree shower & more
  • Sprays, squirts, mists, dumping buckets, shoots, or “sheets” of water
  • Show effects, including, special LED lighting & music timed to water motion
  • Splash pads can be designed as a stand-alone focal point, or in harmony with the surrounding environment

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