Themed Environments & Rockwork

Ideal artificial rockwork is indistinguishable from actual stone and California Waters is a master at crafting magnificent rockwork and creating themed environments that accent and enhance any type of water feature.

From professional sports arenas, major shopping malls, and award-winning golf courses, to city parks, and multi-unit living complexes. Water features with some type of natural or artistic rockwork has pleased and attracted shoppers, patrons, visitors and families alike.

California Waters are masters at crafting artificial rockwork, and creating themed environments, to accent any type of water feature, including waterfalls, ponds, streams, lakes, spas, and swimming pools.

The ideal artificial rockwork is indistinguishable from actual stone, and we are able to create various sizes, shapes, and finishes that blend in with the surrounding environment of your water feature. In addition, we can customize stonework to be contemporary for a modern water feature, or have an historical look, as it would have appeared centuries ago.

Whether your commercial property needs a rock waterfall or you’re creating a resort swimming pool oasis, California Waters works in partnership with architects, landscape architects, developers, and general contractors to integrate the use of artificial rockwork in their projects.

“Mount Sinai Memorial park has engaged California Waters in several fountain restoration projects as well as the design and construction of a custom water feature within our cemetery.  From the start, they have been very professional.  In the course of construction, communicated with our engineering staff on a daily basis.  Their work was performed in a timely fashion and the quality was excellent.  They were receptive to our comments and constructive criticism, always with the intent to provide Mount Sinai with a finished product which they would be proud of.  Based on our experience, I would highly recommend California Waters. We at Mount Sinai will be engaging them for future projects.”

-Mount Sinai, Huang Zheng, Engineering Manager

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A sample of California Waters’ rockwork and themed environments services:

  • Rock Formations
  • Waterfalls
  • Caves
  • Arches
  • Mud Banks
  • Rock Mountains
  • Stream Beds
  • Rocky Slopes
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)