Waterscapes, Lakes and Streams

The sounds of water… bubbling, rushing, flowing over rocks and boulders is one of the most soothing sounds on earth and California Waters has perfected the art of bringing natural-looking man-made waterscapes, lakes and streams to life.

Some of the fondest memories and experiences people have are of their family trips and hiking experiences to a beautiful waterfall, lake, stream, or an environment consisting of a collection of multiple water features.

At California Waters, we have perfected the art of bringing natural-looking man-made waterscapes to your property so one can enjoy the benefits of natural beauty and the calming effects of water all the time.

No waterscape project, or property, is too large or small. Our in-house turnkey 360-degree of services encompass all aspects pertaining to waterscapes, including design, engineering, construction, remodel, repair, and maintenance.

Waterscapes are not just for annual trips anymore; today, they are a key part of a community gathering spot for living-complexes and city parks, a beautiful element to challenge your skill on the golf course, and an attraction for shoppers at retail locations.

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Services Include:

  • Waterfalls, lakes, ponds, streams
  • Still-standing bodies of water
  • Visual elements including spraying and waterfall effects
  • Artificial rock and other decorative element
  • Plants and wildlife

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