Fulton Mall

As part of Fulton Mall’s revitalization, California Waters was brought in by the City of Fresno to update and replace existing fountains and water features. As California Waters’ largest project, 40 tons of steel was used for reinforcement of 16 fountains, 3 grouped fountains, and an animated water feature called “Dancing Water”. The project’s main challenge was maintaining the design intent of the fountain’s original architect and artist. To achieve this, California Waters’ artisans referenced photographs of the originals and then free formed and shaped poured concrete to match the historical feel. Several fountains had to be relocated from their original locations, thus improving the site’s flow. Thanks to California Waters, the people of Fresno can once again enjoy the artistry that surrounds Fulton Mall.














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Location: City of Fresno

Project Type: Water Feature & Fountains

Project Capability: Renovation

Market: Public & Community