Outlets at San Clemente

Salt air floats on ocean breezes. Coral trees display their fiery leaves as the palms sway. And all around, bougainvillea gathers in bright clusters along sun-splashed walls adorned with stunning water features that welcome shoppers. The Outlets at San Clemente, a village of Spanish Colonial-style storefronts is Orange County’s first coastal outlet shopping experience. Recent studies show that shoppers are looking for an experience and what better way to start the experience than by welcoming shoppers with a water feature at every entrance with four new water features?

Two mirroring entrance fountains house three scuppers that produce falling streams of water. The third entry fountain incorporates three custom stainless steel spillways. LED lighting features in each catch basin illuminate the falling streams.  Completing the effect are custom, hand-fired octagonal ceramic tiles in black and blue. A single decorative urn fountain with cascading water rolling over the side disappearing in to a lower basin covered with decorative rock at the wing entrance completes the effect.

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Outlets at San Clements Water Feature 1  Outlets at San Clemente Feature 1

Outlets at San Clemente Water Feature 2




Outlets at San Clemente Water Feature 2

Outlets at San Clemente Water Feature 3 Outlets at San Clemente WAter Feature 3

Outlets at San Clemente Water Feature 4  Outlets at San Clemente Water Feature 4












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Location: San Clemente, CA

Project Type: Water Feature

Project Capability: Design, Engineering, Construction

Market: Retail

Status:  Completed 2016